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Health and Safety

Due to insurance we will only paint children who are 3 years or over.

We only use good quality professional paints that are EEC and US approved and glitters that are safe for cosmectic use.  Our paints are water based and they have anti-bacterial / hypoallergenic properties and are designed for use on faces.  We mostly use: GRIMAS, SNAZAROO, FARDEL, PARADISE, WOLFE and DETAILZ.

We will not paint anyone who does not want to painted, anyone who has a skin complaint i.e. Eczema, Chicken pox, Conjunctivitis, Cuts, Bruises and anyone who seems unwell.  If a child has a area that can't be painted by us, we will try and paint a little something on their arm.

If a child has sensitive skin, we can do a patch test on the inside of the arm.  This will be left for 20 minutes, if there is no reaction we will paint the child.

We ask that the child that is going to be painted have a clean face.  We do have baby wipes that can be used by parents/guardians and Party Face.

We change the water after every child.  we use a clean sponge for every child painted.

We wash all sponges used at 60 degress in a washing machine.  And clean our brushes using a special soap, after every event.

We will help small children into our chairs and let the more able to seat themselves.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the child at all times.  We are not childminders and will not held liable for anything that might happen to a child in or out of the painting area.

We will not be held liable to any person who may react to our paints at any time.

We always try and maintain a safe area free form hazards.

We ask that our products are not touched by members of the public, to ensure that health and hygiene standards are kept.  Could parents kept small children away from the work area.

Removing the paint at home can be done with clean water and a clean face flannel.  Some brands may leave a tinge on the skin, please don't worry this should fade within a day or so.

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